New Methods of Statistical Analysis of Historical Texts Vol. 3applications to Chronology

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The author, one of the most outstanding contemporary mathematicians, concentrates on the development of a new mathematical chronology of ancient history. Noting the contradictions and gaps of the accepted traditional chronology of ancient and medieval worlds, applying the modern mathematical methods to the analysis of historical data, the author formulates a new version of ancient chronology which is most dramatically different from the traditional one.


In his foreword to the book President of International Society for Mathematical Statistics and Probability Theory, Professor A.N. Shiryaev writes: ”The author’s scientific results are interesting and probably right now we have to speak about the beginning of a new (and quite unexpected) trend in the applied statistics, which may be very promising. Written at the top scientific level, the book presents a unique event in the international scientific literature in the field of the applications of the mathematical statistics. No one reader will remain indifferent… ”

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