New Christian Right, 1981-1988 Prospects for the Post-Reagan Decade

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A comprehensive, scholarly overview of the philosophy and activities of the "New Christian Right" (NCR), which are characterized by a conspiracy theory _ that "secular humanists" are responsible for the degeneration of the country into pervasive evil _ and by a "social agenda" of activism in the areas of abortion, pornography, homosexual rights, prayer in the schools, and creationism.


". . . makes a valuable contribution to the religious story of this decade by charting the New Christian Right's growth, failure, and successes." - The Christian Century "The author details how the NCR has tried to implement its programs through electoral politics, televangelism, legislative lobbying, and so forth. . . . Although the author is no devotee of the NCR, his comprehensive description is fair and accurate." - Church History

". . . an excellent primer for comprehending the varied activities of the NCR . . . ." - Journal of Church and State ". . . a readable sequel to [the author's] Evangelicals in the White House . . . . well documented, and the author demonstrates a command of the literature, including the television medium. . . . Worthwhile reading for undergraduates and general readers interested in contemporary American political, religious, cultural, and intellectual topics." - Choice

"must reading for those interested in how [the NCR] movement will affect . . . our political future." - Church State ". . . exceptional quality . . . well-documented, scholarly work . . . so well-organized and smoothly written lay persons could readily read . . ." - Review and Expositor

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