NARRAR EN LA ERA DE LAS BLOGOFICCIONES Literatura, Cultura y Sociedad de las Redes en El Siglo XXI

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This book examines the impact of recent technological developments in the literary field. The work provides evidence of how emerging media culture challenges the traditional concepts of authorship, textuality, fictionality, sequential structure, and readership, with tendencies toward anonymity, pseudonymity, collaborative authorship, hypertextual narrative structures, and the reader’s involvement in the creative process.


“. . . [an]artful weaving of a corpus of knowledge currently scattered across different research fields [that allows us to] peek into what [the author] believes is the future of narrative.” – Prof. Jesús J. Barquet, New Mexico State University

“. . . one of the most innovative manuscripts that I have read in a long time.” – Prof. Eliana S. Rivero, University of Arizona

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