Mythical Expressions of Siege in Israeli Films

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This study presents a comprehensive analysis of Israeli film and society, in particular, the mythical expression of siege, from 1948 to the present. It examines the Israeli-Palestine conflict, Zionist-Socialism, Zionist Statism, post Six Day War Euphoria, the Israeli Left, and Ethnic Fusion vs. Ethnic Fission.


"Within the analysis of these films, Nitzan Ben-Shaul considers one of the most central conceptions in Israeli culture, namely the conception of a besieged nation facing a hostile and menacing world. . . The originality of Ben-Shaul's research lies in the analysis of the mode in which this conception determines the structure of Israeli films, their plots, their cinematic visual and aural compositions, and the films' fashioning of the characters operating in them. This type of analysis not only shows Israeli films in a new and original light, it also refashions, through Israeli cinema, our understanding of the character of Israeli culture. . . . its publication in English will help the English reader to understand Israeli culture, its history in general and Israeli contemporary history in particular." - Professor Nurith Gertz

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