Myth and Guilt-Consciousness in Balzac’s la Femme De Trente Ans

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This volume offers a different and original reading of La Femme de trente ans which contributes to a deeper comprehension of the text from a religious point of view, revealing a spiritual and mythical dimension of the experience of the tragic heroine.


"His careful, detailed analysis of the mythical patterns and theological implications of Julie's experience of guilt add significantly to our understanding of Balzac's preoccupation with religion. . . . Through his study of Julie's attempt to reconcile her need for religious belief and consolation, with her natural desires for physical and spiritual love, Prof. Mazaheri has added an insightful chapter to the history of woman's role in early 19th century French society, as it is represented in a major work of France's greatest novelist." – from the preface by Henry F. Majewski

Table of Contents

Headings: Preface; Introduction; Mythical Forms or the Garden of Eden before the Fall; Original and Hereditary Sin; Guilt-Consciousness; repetition; Bibliography; Index

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