My Hiroshima

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First Prize, Mellen Poetry Contest 'Hiroshima'
Epic poem tells the story of the making and dropping of the atomic bomb interwoven with the author's own military history of five years plus in the Army. A sub-theme is the intertextual weaving of events, memories, and reflections, and how these change with time.


"This poem comprehends both the initial responses of an American serviceman (a paratrooper no longer confronted by the imminent possibility of a costly invasion of the Japanese homeland) and the studied, eminently responsible reflections of a kindly man and dedicated humanist to the moral and strategic ambiguities surrounding these tragic events. Beautifully structured, lucidly organized, and brilliantly written, this moving and compassionate book . . . gives dramatic immediacy to the incalculable legacy of human suffering - death, disease, psychic trauma, persistent fear - that the resort to this devastating weapon has inflicted on the Japanese people and upon other peoples throughout the world." - John M. Steadman

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