Multicultural Literature in Monocultural Classrooms: White Teachers Explore Diverse Texts with White Students

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This study explores teacher’s beliefs about multicultural literature and how this is reflected in classroom practice. It includes four case studies of teachers in a small Midwest School. This work will appeal to teacher educators and other scholars interested in eliminating social injustice in schools.


"Leer’s significant study documents a range of shortcomings in teaching multicultural literature... Her findings serve as a clarion call for major reform in English teacher preparation in not only why and how to teach multicultural literature using culturally-relevant approaches, but for teachers to acquire experiences in diverse cultural settings so that they can effectively employ these approaches."
­-Prof. Richard Beach, University of Minnesota

“Dr. Leer has identified an area of research that is not only important, but is woefully under investigated... her work describing what teacher education programs can do to better prepare future teachers to talk about race in ways that do not simply reinforce racism is crucial.”
-Prof. Jean Ketter, Grinnell College

"Dr. Elizabeth Leer, in her carefully constructed qualitative research project, amply demonstrates on a personal level that there is much work to do if we are to achieve a “non-privileged” literature classroom in public schools where there exists a relatively dominant white teaching staff and/or student body."
Dr. John Welckle, St. Olaf College

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
The Scholarly Context
Chapter 2
Study Methodology
Chapter 3
Judy: A Gradual Learning Curve
Chapter 4
Dave: A Comfortable Classroom Atmosphere
Chapter 5
John: A Sharp Learning Curve
Chapter 6
Megan: Self-Conscious Uncertainty
Chapter 7
Cross Case Analysis
Chapter 8
Implications for Teacher Education and a Proposal


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