Millennialism of Cotton Mather an Historical and Theological Analysis

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An ardent chiliast, Cotton Mather (1663-1728) wrote more about millennialism than any other colonial American. His unpublished manuscript "Triparadisus" is the longest treatise devoted to a millennial topic we have by a colonial American author.


". . . makes a useful contribution to this aspect of Mather's thought. . . . most original in several fascinating discussions of relatively obscure material central to Mather's millennialism. . . . would serve as an informative introduction to an important aspect of New England millennial thought during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. . . . much complex material is presented clearly and succinctly. For that alone, we are in Erwin's debt." - Journal of Church and State

"Mather's millennial views have been incorporated into numerous broader studies during the last thirty years. It is useful to have them organized and presented comprehensively in the present volume, which is well indexed and should be consulted by anyone interested in the subject. The extensive bibliographical essay on Cotton Mather traces shifting scholarly opinion on this significant, third-generation, New England leader." - Church History

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