Michael Polanyi’s Philosophy of Science

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This is a study of Polanyi’s theory of tacit knowledge, specifically his description of its nature, structure and function, and the all-important post critical framework which gives rise to it. it is an excellent orientation for those unfamiliar with Polanyi’s work, and of essential value for students of Polanyi’s thought.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Introduction: Polanyi on Science as Theory and Practice
1. Polanyi’s Theory of Tacit Knowledge
2. Polanyi and the Role of the Tacit Component and of Belief in Truth Assertions
3. Polanyi, Realism, Truth and Science
4. Polanyi’s Personal Knowledge: Towards and Beyond Kuhn’s Conception of the Growth of Science
5. Polanyi and Lakatos on the Metacriterion of Science
6. Polanyi and Laudan’s Accounts of the Theory of Inquiry Understood as Problem Solving Activity
Conclusion: Reappraising Tacit Dimension, Evidential Support and Rationality
Bibliography; Index

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