Memoirs of a Hidden Child During the Holocaust My Life During the War

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A translation, from the original Polish, of the memoirs of a hidden child in Warsaw from 1942 until 1944. The author spent the last year of the war in a German labor camp under a false Polish Catholic identity. This document is unique in that it was written right after the war, starting in December 1945 while the events were still fresh in memory. Presents a young girl's perspective on war and the Holocaust.


"Ms. Alland's experience encompass the shared terror of war as well as the more specific burdens of legal anti-Semitism . . . Her story takes an unexpected turn at that point, however, which is what I believe adds to its importance. . . . after living there [the Warsaw Ghetto] for a time, she was placed in various homes with Polish families outside the ghetto. . . . This short memoir, written some years after the fact but powerful and convincing nevertheless, adds another piece to the larger mosaic. It deserves a wide readership." - Robert E. Willis

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