Memoirs of Chemistry (1856) by C. J. Koene

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This work reproduces C. J. Koene’s collection of seminal, but little known articles on analytical chemistry, published in book form in 1856. This book, presented here in its original French with a facing-page English translation, is a foundational document in experimental and environmental chemistry, and is extensively annotated with footnotes relating Koene’s writings to both earlier and later works. Koene can now be recognized as one of the founders of environmental chemistry and earth system science, a research field that is of great contemporary interest to geologists, geochemists, paleoclimatologists, environmental consultants and atmospheric chemists.


“All sciences work together; it is more than difficult to draw boundaries between individual sciences. We routinely talk about biogeochemistry and biophysical chemistry. Knowledge of the history and the traditions of all sciences is groundwork for future advances. Mark McMenamin's translation of a work as important as Chemical Memoirs is a significant contribution to use of these concepts in Earth System Science. His lucid prose does justice to the clarity and elegance of the French original. It is certain to be of great use to present and future workers in the field.” - Dr. Mary K. Campbell, Professor of Chemistry, Mount Holyoke College

“Prof. McMenamin has done a fine job in translating the various papers, providing moreover an enlightening introduction that places them in context. ... I am struck by the timeliness of publishing Koene’s papers, in as far as they have bearing on the history of the intellectual roots of what today are referred to as environmental chemistry and earth system science respectively.” - Dr. Aant Elzinga, Professor of the Theory of Science, Göteborg University

Table of Contents

Editor’s Foreword by Mark McMenamin
Preface by Mary K. Campbell
Preface by Aant Elzinga
1 Considerations on Inorganic Neutral Oxysalts in General, and on Phosphates, Arseniates, Phosphites and Arsenites in Particular (1842)
2 Concerning the Reaction of Sulfurous Acid and Iron or Zinc, and Constitution of the Products which Result from this Same Reaction (1843)
3 Enumeration of the Principal Consequences to which the Discovery of Nitric Sulphate Oxide is Given Place, Followed by Experimental Demonstration of the Non-Existence of this Compound (1844)
4 Concerning the Nature of Aqua Regia, of Hyponitric Acid Considered as an Oxidant, of the Constitution of this Acid, and the Part which it Plays with Regard to Organic Compounds (1844)
5 Considerations on the Nature of the Product which Results from the Reciprocal Action of Sulfurous and Hyponitric Acids, Followed by an Experimental Demonstration of the Non-Existence of the Latter Acid in Crystals which form During the Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid
6 Observations Relating to the Theory of Péligot and to that of Baudrimont Concerning the Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid; A Note Addressed to the Academy of Science of Paris
7 Considerations Relating to the Non-Existence of an Antimonious Acid with the Formula SbO4 (1843)
8 Memoir on the Functions of Water
9 Concerning the Formation of Hypoiodous Acid and the Reactions Resulting from the Alterations that this Acid Experiences (1845)
10 On the Existence of Double Salts of Codeine and Morphine (1835)
11 Quantitative Determination of Chlorine and Hydrochloric Acid when these Two Gases Occur Together (1844)
Bilingual Index

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