Meir Kahane Ideologue, Hero, Thinker

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Presents the development and increasing political influence of the ideas of Meir Kahane, the most right-wing force in Jewish and Israeli society today. Deals with Kahane's ideas on: the expulsion of Arabs from Israel; liberal forms of Judaism; conversion; intermarriage; Jewish education; and the employment of violence as a legitimate act. Beginning with Kahane's founding of the Jewish Defense League, the volume concludes with his election to the Israeli Parliament and his activities therein.


". . . juxtaposes Kahane's rhetoric with `genuine Jewish values' in an effort to put into perspective Kahane's claims that his Kack movement represents `true' Judaism." - Middle East Journal

". . . a useful book that will help explain the mental set and the success of one of the most controversial figures in contemporary Jewish life. It is the work of a scholar who writes with caution and with care and who does not engage in polemics or personal abuse and whose findings are therefore impressive. . . ." - Jack Riemer, in The Washington Jewish Week and in The Miami Jewish Tribune

"A well-balanced critique of Meir Kahane's claim to be the self-appointed leader for Jews in this generation. The author argues that Kahane has wrongly interpreted legitimate Jewish traditions through his misuse of role models and his misrepresentation of Jewish education. . . . should be read by Kahane's adherents as well as detractors." - Religious Studies Review

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