Media and Communications Industries in Nigeria: Impacts of Neoliberal Reforms Between 1999 and 2007

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This book is a comprehensive analysis of the impacts of neoliberal reforms on the media and communications industries in Nigeria between 1999 and 2007, with the return of democratic governance to the country. It is the first book-length assessment of impacts of economic policy on media and communications industries in Nigeria.


“Professor Olorunnisola and the contributing authors have filled a void in research about Nigerian media and communications industries. . . . this volume will be considered a major contribution to the literature and to scholarship on media and communications industries in Nigeria in particular and in Africa as a whole.” – Prof. Chris W. Ogbondah, University of Northern Iowa

Table of Contents

Neoliberal Reforms, Media, and Communications in a Nation-in-Transit – Anthony A. Olorunnisola
Community Radio Broadcasting for Rural Community Education – Andrew A. Moemeka
Public Service Versus Profit-making: The Nigerian Broadcast Sector a Neoliberal Economy – Ayobami Ojebode
Neo-Liberal Regulation: NITEL in Murky Water – Chuka Onwumechili
OSM Telephones in Nigeria’s Political, Socio-Economic and Geo-Cultural Landscapes – Anthony A. Olorunnisola
Neoliberalism: What Benefits for the Advertising Industry – Rotimi W. Olatunji & Beatrice A. Laninhun
The Meaning of Reform: Media Managers’ Reception of the Obasanjo Administration’s Reform Agenda – Victor Ayedun-Aluma
Neoliberal Reform of Media and Communications as “Adoption of Innovation”: Is There Space for Policy Adaptation? – Anthony A. Olorunnisola
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