Max Weber's Theory of Parliamentary Democracy: The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Bureaucracy

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This is the first comprehensive book that discusses thoroughly Weber's political thought from the parliamentary perspectives including interpreting his views on bureaucracy. It is a welcome response to the view initiated by Wolfgang J. Mommsen that Weber had in this last years given up parliamentarism in favor of presidentialism and plebiscitarian leadership democracy.


"One of the strengths of Ms. Senigaglia's work is the focus on Weber's theory of bureaucracy and bureaucratization. This focus is highly pertinent and relevant because Weber's understanding and conceptualization of democracy in general, and of parliamentary democracy in particular, is directly related to his diagnosis, of the unstoppable and expensive dynamic of bureaucracy and bureaucratization of the modern world. ... Her work contributes substantially to the understanding of Max Weber's political thinking as well as to his concept formation. Her arguments are developed and supported by a study of very considerable sophistication in design and penetration. She provides very rich and detailed analysis." Professor Maurizio Bach,
Universitit Passau

Table of Contents

Foreword by Hans-Christof Kraus



I. New Methodological Instruments: The Ideal-Types

II. The General Theory of Bureaucracy

III. The Ideal-Type of Parliamentary Bureaucracy

IV. Parliament as the Core of Political Life

V. The Theory of Parliamentary Democracy


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