Matthew's Gospel and the History of Biblical Interpretation Book Two

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When Kealy's similar history of the interpretation of Mark's Gospel was published, it was described by Howard Clark Kee as 'an excellent comprehensive history and analysis of Marcan interpretation arranged chronologically.' This current, massive two-volume pioneering work sets all the major works on Matthew against the changing and developing background of Biblical interpretation over nearly two thousand years, from the writers of the patristic era right up through the twentieth century, form and redaction criticism, and the latest approaches.


". . . Kealy presented a similar study of Mark's Gospel some years ago, but this history of the interpretation of Matthew is much more voluminous and ambitious - homage, as well, to the major role that Matthew's Gospel has played in the Church's teaching and evangelization throughout the centuries. Few key works or crucial interpreters of Matthew's Gospel, from the patristic era to the modern day, escape Kealy's fine net. A valuable study for serious students of the Bible." - The Bible Today

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