Martyrdom According to John Chrysostom to Live is Christ, to Die is Gain

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This unique contribution to the field of Chrysostomian studies is the first undertaking of a nearly exhaustive systematic and objective analysis of Chrysostom's understanding of Christian martyrdom from the original Greek sources. The text adds insight into the powerful, biblically founded and eloquent theology of the late fourth/early fifth century Father of the Church concerning Jesus Christ as the pivotal point of salvation history. Around that center emerge countless martyrs who imitate Christ's Martyrdom on the Cross either by death, asceticism, or other means. The section on holy relics carries special significance for the liturgical scholar. Through Chrysostom's eyes, the manuscript presents an original, objective view on martyrdom as understood by the early Church. A biographical sketch of Chrysostom appears in Appendix A, and a list of his writings on martyrdom in Appendix B.

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