Marcia Su Roma E Dintorni / The March on Rome and Thereabouts: An Autobiographical Account by a Leading Sardinian Republican Politician of Resistance to Fascism in Sardinia From 1918-1930

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The thrust of these symposium papers engaged the development of perspective in early modern England, an evolution in thought and practice that crossed disciplinary lines to be felt in the art, literature, and history of England. Individual papers explore perspectives on representation (e.g., history in fiction and fiction in history); development of frames for historical and literary narratives and their impact on point of view; implications of coordinate developments in painting and narrative, such as simultaneous introduction of fixed-point perspective and third person narrative; and the relationship between fact and fiction as they were defined in early modern England. The essays alter current perspectives on the origins of the early modern period, connecting new insights into intellectual developments to their embodiment in the art, literature, and history of the period.


"The best of the essays included in the volume have the vitality and freshness that arises from ongoing investigation. . . . accessible and readable -- a pleasing change from the density, not to say impenetrability, of much contemporary scholarly prose. . . . worth publishing on the grounds of the clarity, lucidity, and energy of the better papers, and its genuinely interdisciplinary character should commend it to several audiences." - David Evett

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