Main Themes in Twentieth- Century Afro-Hispanic Caribbean Poetry: A Literary Sociology

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This book redresses an imbalance in Latin American scholarship, arguing for inclusion of more Afro-Hispanic poets in the Caribbean literary canon. The poets are Nancy Morejón, Pedro Pérez Sarduy, Exilia Saldaña, and Efraín Nadereau from Cuba, Aída Cartagena Portalatín, Blas Jiménez and Sherezada (Chiqui) Vicioso from The Dominican Republic and the Puerto Ricans Mayra Santos Febres and Magaly Quiñones.


“This monograph makes an extremely important contribution to scholarship, advancing knowledge and understanding in a number of subject areas studied in undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in universities in Europe, the West Indies and the U.S. Dr. Roberts’ study will prove an invaluable tool for students who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of the literary production of Afro-Hispanic Caribbean poets. At the same time, it will be greatly appreciated by scholars of Postcolonial Studies and Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean poetry, who wish to undertake informed comparative analyses.” – Prof. Patricia Odber de Baubeta, University of Birmingham

“. . . will be an important contribution to studies on contemporary Latin American poetry, for it reveals that there is a wide variety of poets and interests, a multi-faceted approach to a poetics of Afro-Caribbean identity in Spanish.” – Prof. Dawn Duke, University of Tennessee

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Patricia Odber de Baubeta, University of Birmingham
Statistical Information
1. Understanding Afro-Hispanic Consciousness through Poetry
2. Imagining New Homes: Nationalism in Afro-Hispanic Caribbean Poetry
3. Nationalism Reconstructed: A Poetry of Socialism and Solidarity
4. Issues of Race and Color in the Hispanic Caribbean
5. The Complexity of Hispanic Caribbean Identity
6. Female Power: The Subject of Women and Black Identity in the Hispanic Caribbean
7. The Way Forward: Racialized Identities, Caribbean Personalities
Appendix: Biographical Notes on the Poets

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