Macrosociology- The Study of Sociocultural Systems

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Examines the relevance of the classical social theory of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, and Spencer in understanding sociocultural systems today.


“. . . unique in the vast array of sociology theory texts because of two distinctive features: a focus upon social systems with social evolution as its primary theme, and the attempt to link directly the master of the past to today’s contemporary theorists.” – Prof. Lillian Daughaday, Murray State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Davis Joyce
Introduction: The Classical View of Sociocultural Systems
Part 1: Domestic and International Capitalism
1. The Sociology of Karl Marx
2. Harry Braverman’s Marxist Analysis
3. John Bellamy Foster’s Ecological-Marxism
Part 2: The Division of Labor and Anomie
4. The Sociology of Emile Durkheim
5. Robert K. Merton’s Functional Analysis
6. Robert Nisbet’s Leviathan
7. Neil Postman’s Technological Determinism
Part 3: Bureaucracy and Rationalization
8. Verstehen: The Sociology of Max Weber
9. The Sociology of Norbert Elias
10. George Ritzer’s Rationalization of Consumption
Part 4: Population, Production, and Evolution
11. T. Robert Malthus’s Social Theory
12. Gerhard Lenski’s Ecological-Evolutionary Theory
13. Stephen K. Sanderson’s Evolutionary Materialism
14. Common Ground

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