Lucretia Mott Her Complete Speeches and Sermons

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Presents, collected for the first time in one resource work, the stenographical texts of 49 speeches and sermons given by Lucretia Mott (1793-1880), a forerunner of the modern women's rights movement, noted abolitionist, influential social reformer, and peace activist who left no written corpus


". . . fills a substantial lacuna in the evolution of the records of feminist thought in America. . . . carefully prepared by a highly qualified scholar. . . . of primary interest to students of religious (Quaker) history, women's history, and the social history of the 19th century." - Choice

"Dana Greene, in her obviously careful and laborious compilation of the extant speeches of Mott, has done us a great service. . . . [N]ow Mott speaks for herself . . . ." - TSF Bulletin

"Greene provides a fine brief description of the religious beliefs and reformist philosophy of the famous 19th-century abolitionist and women's rights activist. She has also collected in one place and published for the first time in one place the sermons and speeches in which these principles are expressed. . . . For religious and women's studies collections." - Library Journal

"The work will be helpful to reform history in the United States and, one hopes, to historical theologians as well." - Religious Studies Review "a valuable book" - The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography

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