Louise Stolberg’s Florentine Salon and Germaine de Staël's Coppet Circle. The Politics of Patronage, Neoclassicism and the Code of Freedom in Napoleonic Italy

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Worley’s book brings a new perspective on the intellectual debates in the development of nationalistic movements leading up to the Risorgimento in Italy. Her study reveals how the efforts of key feminine ideologists established the roots of Italian reunification through artistic patronage. The salons of these important women enabled daring artists to walk that fine line between creativity and treason as they politicized their art.


“Worley’s expert handling of both literary and artistic materials relevant to Stolberg’s circle, in relation to aesthetic movements and political strife and the connections she weaves throughout vividly capture, from a gendered perspective, changing trends and dynamics in that period, indicating new perspectives on traditional knowledge.”
Professor Nancy Isenberg,
Department of Foreign Languages, Literature and Culture,
Faculty of Letters and Philosophy,
Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

“This is an important study of interactions between Madame de Staël and Louise Stolberg and their coterie of friends. To my knowledge, no such published work exists yet. Dr. Worley has done an excellent analysis of the contribution of Enlightenment writers to nationalism and romanticism. This is a must read for the scholars who are interested in the intellectual foundation of the study of nationalism, especially in Europe.”
-Dr. Nupur Chaudhuri,
Professor, Department of History & Geography,
Texas Southern University

“Dr. Worley’s perceptive insights about feminist historiography in post-Revolutionary Europe make this book a welcome addition to the collection of any reader or researcher interested in the momentous events that occurred in France and Italy in the early 19th century.”
-Diana Reid Haig,
Author, ‘Walks Through Napoleon & Josephine’s Paris’

Table of Contents

Foreword by Nancy Isenberg
Chapter 1
Louise Stolberg’s Salon: Writing the Code of Freedom in Florence
Civil War and the Landscape of Nationalism
The Literary Salon and the Revolution
The Aesthetic Fabric of Nationalism
Chapter 2
The Theatre of Revolution in Alfieri’s Casa Gianfigliazzi
The Pazzi Conspiracy and Don Garcia
Alfieri’s Two Brutuses
Chapter 3
Hail Solitary Ruins: The Code of Liberty
Constantin Volney’s Ruins
Napoleon’s Egyptian Expedition
Chapter 4
Stolberg and Foscolo: The Conspiracy of the Three Graces
Antonio Canova’s Commissions
Stolberg’s Wartime Correspondence
Chapter 5
The Three Queens of Italy: Elise, Pauline and Caroline
Elisa, Queen of Etruia
Pauline Borghese
Lucien Bonaparte
Caroline and Joachim Murat
Chapter 6
The Aftermath of Napoleon and a Prelude to Italy’s Risorgimento
Travel Literature about Italy
Shelly’s Mask of Anarchy
Sismondi’s History of the Italian Republics
Margaret Fuller in Italy

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