Lord Byron- the European Essays From the International Byron Society

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The essays on the impact and reception of Byron in France, Albania, Central Europe, and Greece extend knowledge of how Byron was admired, plagiarised and imitated; how he was held to be dangerous to morals, ethics and literary standards; how he fomented or retarded emerging nationalisms; how he has been used by Philhellenes and Anti-hellenes alike in the cause of Greece against the Turks, even today. The second part of the volume re-examines Byron's achievement in the light of more subtle readings and post-structuralist insights.


“. . . the collection often whets one’s scholarly appetite precisely because the essays are often so fruitful and richly suggestive.. . . essays usually avoid reductive portraiture of Byron as an emancipatory champion for the critic’s chosen agenda. . . Contributors to Lord Byron the European often raise fascinating questions about Byron’s cosmopolitanism, his liberalism, his supposed superiority to ‘nationalisms’ or Anglocentrism or sexism or aristocratic snobbery. . . . contributes much to our understanding of Byron as a fallible Lord and a perplexing European.” – European Romantic Review

Table of Contents

Contents: Byron and the French Romantics (Therese Tessiere); The Albanian Byron (Afrim Karagjozi); Byron's Greece - Ancient and Contemporary (M. Byron Raizis); Byron and Romantic Nationalism in Central Europe - the Case of Czechs and Slovaks (Martin Prochazka); Dead Poets Society - Byron, Postmodernism, and the Autobiographical Mode (Werner Huber); Byron and Wordsworth - European Cosmopolitanism and English Provincialism (Malcolm Kelsall); Cosmopolitan Masculinity and the British Female Reader of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage (Caroline Franklin); 'What do I know of Vampires?' - Byron, Diodati and the Reproduction of Desire (Ghislaine McDayter); What Constitutes, and What is External to, the 'Real' Text of Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, A Romaunt and Other Poems (Roger Poole); Bloom, Bakhtin and Byron's Don Juan (Richard A. Cardwell).

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