Linkages Among African and African-american Thinkers

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This work examines the intellectual origins and linkages of African and African-American thought. The author highlights critical aspects of the continuity, unity and vitality of Black Thought which have stimulated scientific social research and policy-making in the African and African-American spheres of knowledge and political concerns.


“Professor Mahgoub El-Tigani Mahmoud has made a remarkable linkage of African-American Thought and other manifestations of the African Diaspora with epistemological foundation of Black Thought on the Continent of Africa. This book sheds abundant and impressive light on the interlocking aspects and the unity in diversity that is involved.” – Professor Ernest Rhodes, Sociology Department, Tennessee State University

“Dr. Mahgoub Mahmoud has produced another timely and thought-provoking book, one that simultaneously serves intellectual, policy-making, and practice-oriented constituencies.” – Professor Mayibuye Monanabela, Global Learning Network

“All in all, Dr. Mahmoud has used his needle and thread most wisely in this exploratory academic endeavor. ... This book is a must read!” – Professor Robert C. Butler, Sociology Department, Tennessee State University

“Over many years, in many contexts and relationships, I have never wavered from my very great confidence and strong favorable impressions about Mahgoub. This current project is no exception and I give it my unqualified and highest possible endorsement.” – Richard A. Lobban, Jr., Ph.D., Professor and Chair of Anthropology, Rhode Island College

Table of Contents

Commendatory Preface by Ernest Rhodes
Introduction: Two Blacks in One, One in Two
1 Contrasting Black Thought
2 African Thought in the Diaspora
3 African-American Political Parties
4 Change in the African Political Thought
5 From Socialism to Liberalism
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Subject Index

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