Link Between Asperger Syndrome and Scientific, Artistic, and Political Creativity: Eleven Case Studies

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A new scholarly narrative on artistic loners, creative misogynist and the eccentric personalities of some of history’s most creative and inspiring adventurers, great thinkers, and writers whose lives and achievements are analyzed from an Asperger Syndrome perspective. The study examines the unique interplay between human creativity and the known disabilities afflicting individuals with Asperger and ADHD.


“Fitzgerald’s in-depth knowledge of Asperger Syndrome /ADHD allows him to offer the reader insightful explanations from many different perspectives such as neuropsychological, biological and genetic point of views. He draws very interesting parallels between the personalities discussed in the book and other prominent figures with similar traits…his deep insight and understanding has provided another valuable and enriching book celebrating the enormous creativity exhibited by individuals with these conditions without neglecting their darker sides.”
-Dr. Viktoria Lyons,
Psychologist, University College Dublin

“This study is of utmost significance to those who wish to understand the enigmatic nature of people with Asperger Syndrome. I enjoyed reading this journey through history and exploring the personalities of eleven creative and unconventional people. I will read it again and again. An excellent reference book.”
-P.D. Matthews,
Executive Director of Irish Society for Autism,
Founder member and former President of World Autism Organisation

“Once again Professor Fitzgerald presents a very engaging portrayal of multiple historical figures and argues that their creative contributions are directly rooted in their having Asperger Syndrome. Following an excellent introduction, substantial biographical information is offered in support of this hypothesis, or as Prof. Fitzgerald sees it, fact. Much of the evidence, presented in academic and descriptive styles, is very compelling and in all instances, captivating. The familial references paired with comparison to diagnostic symptoms of Asperger Syndrome will be appeals to all with an interest in this fascinating condition.”
-Rita Honan, Ph.D.
Registered Psychologist,
Trinity College, Dublin

“In his unique style, Michael Fitzgerald delves into the lives of individuals renowned for their creative genius, bringing to the reader a fresh view of both Asperger Syndrome and the underpinnings of human creativity. Different chapters present the reader with sketches of great men such as von Goethe and Robert Louis Stevenson, interweaving autobiographical information and professional interpretation. Fitzgerald provides fascinating evidence to support the notion that extreme ability and extreme deficit are not so far divided. While there are many behaviours particular to Asperger Syndrome that can be disabling, this book illustrates how some of their great challenges can be the seedlings of great creativity. A must-read book that never disappoints the reader.”
-Professor Manuel Casanova

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Viktoria Lyons Acknowledgements Chapters: 1. Creativity
2. Robert Louis Stevenson
3. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
4. William Blake
5. A.J.P. Taylor
6. Ernest Shackleton
7. Arthur Koestler
8. Frederick the Great
9. Kenneth Tynan
10. John Ruskin
11. George Carman
12. Dougal Haston
13. Conclusion

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