Linguistic and Philological Studies in Early Irish

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This is a multi-authored volume which gathers essays devoted to Early Irish originally presented at the XIV International Congress of Celtic Studies, held in Maynooth, August 1-5, 2011. The topics covered, either from a synchronic or a diachronic perspective, range from phonetics and phonology to morphology and syntax with some semantics.


“I commend this book to all competent scholars with a genuine academic interest in the linguistics and philology of Celtic languages. In so doing, I congratulate the editors and the other contributors on their achievements, which I am certain will be required reading for all their colleagues in this field, for many years to come.”
-Anders Ahlqvist,
School of Letters, Art and Media,
Faculty of Arts,
The University of Sydney

"This excellent volume presents a selection of articles based on papers presented at the Fourteenth International Congress of Celtic Studies in Maynooth in August 2011. The common denominator is that they are all concerned with medieval Irish. Naturally, the scope and focus of the individual contributions varies, but the standard of the work is uniformly high. ... The editors and contributors are to be congratulated on a useful and thought-provoking collection of essays."
Dr. Simon Rodway,
Aberystwyth University

Table of Contents

Anders Ahlqvist
Consonant quality in Old Irish revisited
Cormac Anderson

Parallel Old Irish and Old Breton glosses on Priscian’s
Institutiones Grammaticae
Bernhard Bauer

The decline of the Old Irish deponent
Aaron Griffith

Linguistic method in his literary madness? The word-coinings of Virgilius Maro Grammaticus
Anthony Harvey

A further note on the Old Irish negative particle nícon
Pierre-Yves Lambert

Old Irish Noun Phrases: data from the Milan Glosses and a hypothesis for the origin of the single article constraint
Elisa Roma

Thoughts on Old and Middle Irish verbal nouns: the type DP doVN
Emanuela Sanfelici

The history of the Old Irish preverb to-
David Stifter

The usage of the historical present in Old Irish narrative prose
Daan van Loon

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