Life of Karl Anton (1887-1956)

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Karl Anton, a patriotic German who had participated in World War I (as a young minister, he spoke to the frontline troops, carried relief packages to the soldiers on behalf of the German Red Cross, and gave inspirational sermons to the civilians at home), discerned the evil of the National Socialist regime of the Third Reich and turned decisively away from it at great personal cost. His life reflects a strong moral position under adverse conditions (the discarding of his career and enforced isolation) and shows a man whose personal life, scholarship, preaching, and personal ministry reflect a deep commitment to a different set of values. The most significant gift Anton made to succeeding generations is contained in the work he did in organizing and protecting the famous Franz Hauser Bach collection, and in his final definitive article on the significance of that collection. With photographs.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Kristallnacht: Terror and Decision
2. A Goodly Heritage: The Anton Family
3. Search for a Calling: 1907-1912
4. The Pastor-Artist: At Work in Baden
5. Hans Thoma: Allegorical Art and Liberal Theology
6. St. Peter’s Church: A Time of Testing
7. The Professor: Productive Years in Mannheim
8. Darkness of Disaster: The Swastika’s Long Shadow
9. Total Eclipse: Between Christ and Nazism
10. Life in the Cauldron: Rejection and Destruction
11. Peace At Last: Observing God’s Ways
Appendices; Bibliography; Index

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