Life of John Julius Angerstein, 1735-1823

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This is the first full-length biography of John Julius Angerstein, who was a considerable figure in the City of London and far beyond during the period 1770-1820. Born in St. Petersburg, he later moved to London. His exceptional abilities in marine insurance led him to later play a pivotal part in the development of Lloyd’s. With increasing wealth and influence, he supported and founded charities, collected art, and was later a shipowner who raised the long-term finance which helped the British Government fund the Napoleonic Wars. With no successors to carry on his business, his achievements and his friendships with well known figures have been mostly forgotten. It is hoped that this book will reawaken the lost interest in this remarkable figures of late-Georgian England.


“ ... Dr. Twist’s study is an especially valuable portrait of a real-life Andrew Freeport, a City man who emerged from the Anglo-Russian merchant community to become a leading insurance broker and government loan contractor, a tireless philanthropist, and a collector whose paintings became the nucleus of the National Gallery. To track Angerstein’s life with Dr. Twist’s assiduous help is therefore to trace the machinery behind significant cross-sections of business, political, intellectual and cultural life ..." – Dr. Clarissa Campbell Orr, Anglia Ruskin University

“ ... This is the first serious study of the extraordinary career of John Julius Angerstein – and one that magisterially reveals the productive collision between financial markets at the end of the eighteenth century ... Dr. Anthony Twist’s biographical history offers fascinating insight into the connected worlds of late eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century finance, commerce and culture.” – Professor James Raven, University of Essex

“John Julius Anerstein has not previously received the scholarly attention he deserves. Dr. Anthony Twist’s book provides an essential context in which to embed Angerstein’s life and by so doing bring a man to life, not merely as an exemplum of a gifted entrepreneur but on a profoundly human level.” – D.H. Weinglass, Professor Emeritus, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Preface by Clarissa Campbell Orr
1. A Royal Bastard?
2. A Subscription Society: Ships and Philanthropy
3. Cultivated Circles
4. A Subscription Society: Finance and Patriotism
5. The Collector and his Circle
6. Good Causes
7. Royal Connections
8. The Septuagenarian
9. The City Elder and his Loan Subscribers
10. Towards Waterloo, Peace and Old Age
11. Death and Aftermath

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