Life of Cardinal Innocenzo del Monte. A Scandal in Scarlet

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This book gathers for the first time virtually all that is known about the last of the unreformed and unregenerate cardinals of the sixteenth century, Innocenzo Ciocchi del Monte, the adopted cardinal-nephew of Pope Julius III. At the same time, it contains a wealth of material, some of it never explored before, on the del Monte family in general, and Julius III in particular. It also explores in detail the dynastic connections of the del Monte and illuminates some of the leading parts played by the family in the case of the divorce of Henry VIII, the rise of the Jesuits, and in the perils of the Order of St. John in that time.


"This monograph is remarkable for its depth of scholarship, the wide range of materials drawn upon, and the careful documentation. At the same time, it is lucidly and attractively written. It is an excellent example of how a work of scholarship, at its best, can appeal simultaneously to both specialists and ordinary readers." - William S. Peterson

"The work is a genuine contribution to the field of Renaissance and Reformation studies, because it documents, for the first time, the rise and fall of one of the most influential families of the era. . . . in addition to the force of its scholarship. . . . it is also well-written - filled with wonderful images and creative narrative prose.. . . . it provides real insight and deepens the reader's understanding of a very complicated period in the history of the Church." - Nancy Prothro Arbuthnot

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