Letter Collections of Arnulf of Lisieux

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First English translation of Arnulf of Lisieux' letters (1141-1181). Arnulf was deeply involved with many major events of the twelfth century. His correspondents included kings, popes, cardinals, fellow bishops, abbots, scholars, and friends. He worked closely with Bernard of Clairvaux, accompanied Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine on the Second Crusade, and was an early advocate of young Duke Henry of Normandy in his campaign to become Henry II of England and later served Henry's court in several capacities. His actions in the Becket controversy extended to engineering the final settlement that brought Henry to his knees at the altar of Canterbury.


"This new translation of an important twelfth-century letter collection is a very welcome addition to the available research materials for historians and students of English, Norman, and Church history. . . . In a long and carefully worded introduction, Schriber provides valuable information on the several complete and partial manuscripts in English and French libraries, including a provenance chart and discussion of the apparent rationale behind the original organization. . . .the collection is a particularly rich mine of information on a variety of topics, and as such will be valuable for classroom use as well as research. The eighteen letters concerning the issues at hand during the conflict between Henry II and Archbishop Thomas Becket will be especially welcome to those who both research and teach the controversy, as they now constitute the largest group available in translation. . . . will be an essential addition to any university library. . ." - Thomas P Schlunz

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