Latin Versus Vernacular and Other Linguistic Disputes During the Italian Renaissance. A Study of the Fifteenth-Century Debates

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Manuscript is centred upon the Renaissance linguistic disputes and in particular, upon Latin vs. the Vernacular. This work, enlarging upon a subject not yet much explored, is extremely symptomatic and revealing of the intricate nexus of cultural, linguistic, philosophical and rhetorical issues, which characterize the linguistic ‘question’ of the second half of the sixteenth century.


“In this work, Dr. Rosaria Bottari, moving along from the tracks left by other authoritative studies… examines the line of a debate that goes beyond 1525, and sets out a much more articulated vision of the relationship between Latin and the vernacular and, in general, of the linguistic debates and their interweaving with the humanistic theme of the imitation, than is commonly thought.”
-Susanna Villari,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of Ancient and Modern Civilisations,
University of Messina

“This work by Rosaria Bottari is an updated and often original overview of one of the major linguistic debates of the Italian Renaissance, that is, the opposition between Latin and vernacular… Notwithstanding the complexity of the topic, the language and style of the work are pleasantly clear.”
-Professor Paolo Trovato,
Dept. of Humanities,
University of Ferrara

Table of Contents

1. The Linguistic and literary background
2. The Question della lingua
3. Latin versus the vernacular language
4. The imitative principle and the Erasmian polemic
5. Bernardino Partenio’s Pro lingua latina oratio in context
a)The matrix of the Veneto and its context
b)The structure of the treatise
c)The Pro lingua latina oratio in the linguistic polemic
6. The unknown polemic between Bernardino Partenio and Alessandro Citolini

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