La Sauvagesse (1732) Les Mariages de Canada (1734) Alain-Rene Lesage Jacques-Philipe D'Orneval: Two Plays from the Theatre de la Foire

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Dr. Kenny brings us this collections of two eighteenth-century French plays from the beginning of the French colonial empire in North America. The French public was obsessed with the New World and these two plays are about the subject.


"But it was not until the years of the ‘vaste empire’ that le bon sauvage of North America made a dramatic appearance in French culture, both high and low. This phenomenon was largely due to one man, Louis-Armand de Lom d’Arce, baron de Lahontan, who lived and travelled in Quebec in the 1690s. On returning to Europe he published three volumes of memoirs containing a wealth of detail on the flora and fauna of North America, and the manners and customs of the Indian tribes and the settlers who lived alongside them."
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La Sauvagesse (1732)

Les Mariages de Canada (1734)

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