La Literatura Cambalachesca En La NovelÍstica De Osvaldo Soriano

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This study analyzes seven novels by the Argentine author Osvaldo Soriano (1943-1997), in order to produce a critical reading of the ways in which his fragmentary writing works toward subverting hegemonic models of nationalism. The author examines and describes this type of Argentine narrative dynamic characterized by the amalgam of diversity and lack of hierarchy in the textual space.


“Thanks to Dr. Hortiguera’s careful discussion of quotes, intertextuality and irony in these novels, we can better appreciate the surprising virtuosity of Soriano’s work. As a work of exegesis it is particularly useful to the non-Argentine reader for whom elucidation of the background story enriches the reading. At a time when Soriano’s writing is virtually ignored by academic critics, the publication of this critical study will hopefully ignite a renewed interest in his work.” – Dr. Jean Franco, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University

“The book is rich in many senses: for the portrait of one of the most respected and frequently translated novelists of the twentieth century; for the masterly handling of each of the novels, extensively analyzed, and for the theoretical implications of the work.” – Dr. David Lagmanovich, Professor Emeritus, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina

“In brief, I consider this book constitutes a significant contribution not only for future researchers of the work of Osvaldo Soriano, but also for these interested in reflecting about different approaches to think and rethink the national identity.” – Dr. Andrea Ostrov, Lecturer in Latin American Literature, Facultad de Filosofia y Letras, Universidad de Buenos Aires

“This is a truly remarkable contribution to the study of Osvaldo Soriano’s work, which also enlightens and gives the reader some interpretative keys about Argentine and Latin-American narrative of the last few decades.” – Dr. Leonardo Rossiello, Senior Lecturer, Department of Modern Languages, University of Uppsala

“This work is a great example of serious analysis, keen to consider both the works and their literary characteristics as well as their operation within a political and historical context. If we add to this the fact that there exists no rigorous assessment of Soriano’s work and that he is still the object of rejection and support, this book is a very significant contribution to this author’s study and to the debate about his importance in the Argentine intellectual circle.” – Dr. Anne María Amar Sánchez, Associate Professor of Latin American Literature, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California - Irvine

Table of Contents

Prefacio de la Professora Jean Franco
1 Primeros acercamientos al mundo del cambalache: Triste, solitario y final
2 La desorganización nacional: la crisis No habrá más penas ni olvido y Cuarteles de invierno
3 La desorganización nacional vista y vivida desda afuera: A sus plantas rendid un león y El ojo de la patria
4 La desorganización nacional vista y vivida desda adentro: Las road novels – Una sombra ya pronto serás y La hora sin sombra
Índice analítico

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