An Essay on the Pianism of Franz Liszt

Author: Windham, Donald
Ott, Bertrand
Gives a vivid and penetrating account of many aspects of the composer's playing, emphasizing not only Liszt's own playing, but its enormous influence on pianism in general and the far-reaching effect on teaching methods through his dedicated work with numerous pupils from various countries.


"This book is for all pianists, musicologists and musicians interested in the art of playing the piano according to Liszt. It is the first work that explains in a fundamental way the keyboard technique of Liszt. Mr. Ott has done extensive research to define the playing energy of Liszt as clearly as possible from both a a pedagogical and artistic standpoint, that includes thoughts of other pianists, musicologists and physicians who have studied his technique. He develops these ideas and offers detailed suggestions on how Liszt's piano playing can be applied to practicing and performing the entire piano repertoire, from Bach to Stravinsky." -- The American Liszt Society Newsletter

"The author develops these ideas and ends his study by offering detailed suggestions on how the Lisztian piano playing can be applied to practising and performing the entire piano repertoire - from Bach to Stravinsky. . . . he has understood what was needed and has been able to offer to his readers and to today's pianists and teachers a new understanding, a new knowledge of what Lisztian keyboard energy is and how to apply to their own work." - Carola Grindea, Founder, European Piano Teachers Association, Editor of Piano Journal

". . . Bertrand Ott has uncovered some basic principles as to the use of fingers, hands and arms and willy nilly the pianist will have to reckon with these newly revealed principles. Mr Ott has dived into the sargasso sea of the piano technique and emerge