Knowledge Management and Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography 1997-2009

This book is an annotated bibliography of resources covering information on knowledge management and Libraries. Knowledge management as a field emerged in the late 1990s.


“The value of this compilation of annotated citations is undeniable. The breadth and depth of these reviews serve as an excellent starting point for the serious scholar interested in the knowledge management domain.” – Prof. Timothy J. Ellis, Nova Southeastern University

“. . . fills a need in library and information science literature.” – Dr. Patricia C. Profeta, Indian River State College

“The text is a direct fit into the framework of any library science education/administration program, in that, it describes the process of knowledge management and gives practical information helpful for all who are in the profession and those seeking to enter the profession. This text encompasses a review of the factors that have influenced the development of the management of knowledge in today’s libraries. It also describes philosophical theories and systems of research and practices involved in the process of managing information in the same.” - Prof. Willie Ennis, III, Southeastern Louisiana University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Timothy Ellis
List of Resources
Journal Titles
Electronic Resources
Author Index