Jonathan Edwards to Aaron Burr, Jr. From the Great Awakening to Democratic Politics

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Defends Heimert's 1966 thesis by viewing Burr as a religious descendant of his Calvinist-New Light grandfather, Jonathan Edwards, and his father, Aaron Burr, Sr.


"There has been broad agreement among historians who have analyzed the younger Burr's life and political career that, while he was not above exploiting his lineage for political gain, he had renounced the New Light evangelicalism of his distinguished ancestors. Not persuaded by this standard view, Suzanne Geissler sets out boldly to trace the evangelical origins of Burr's politics." - William and Mary Quarterly

"Geissler provides important information on a neglected aspect of Burr's life. After reading her book, historians will not be able to dismiss Burr's evangelical background . . . ." - Journal of Church and State

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