John Milton’s Incarnational Poetics. The Roles of Mary and Christ in Paradise Regained

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Argues that Milton’s Incarnational Poetics or Logocentrism is nowhere more evident than in Paradise Regained, a poem which serves as a meditation upon the Four Gospels, most particularly the Gospel of St. John, the fullest theological pronouncement upon the Son’s Divinity


“. . . adroitly weaves in the requisite theology and secondary literature to present readers with a fresh, well-written and luminous interpretation of Milton’s magesteral epic poem.” – Dr. Robert McDonnell, St Joseph’s College

“Above all, [the author] gives a convincing reading of the vexed question of how far the Jesus of the poem is Man, and how far He is God.” – Prof. Anthony Low, New York University

Table of Contents

Foreword: Anthony Low
Introduction: “To Tell of Deeds Above Heroic”
Chapter I: The Word Made Flesh: “Into Himself Descended”
Chapter II: Mary: “Exaltation to Afflictions High”
Chapter III: The Shadow of the Cross: “To a Sign Spoken Against”
Chapter IV: The Last Judgment: “With the Terror of His Voice”
Conclusion: “Brought on His Way with Joy”
A. Begotten, Not Made
B. In the Fullness of Time
C. That They Which See Not Might See
D. Bibliography

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