Jewish Farmer in America the Unknown Chronicle

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Ornstein's work explains what it was like for a Jewish family to own and work a family farm surrounded by gentiles and isolated from the Jewish community. It is essentially the author's memoir told in a conversational style, and it captures in amazing detail the sights and sounds of rural surroundings, the intricacies of farming in Geauga County Ohio, the voices of neighbors and visitors, and perceptive insights into the meaning of the family's experience and the rural way of life.


". . . consistent with the current multicultural orientation toward history which provides the perspective of an insider rather than an outsider. The story of Jewish farming is told from the `bottom up' and allows us for a short time to enter the world of a vanishing part of Americana -- Jewish farmers in the United States in the twentieth century." - Joyce Penfield

". . . an interesting and insightful slice-of-life about his family's experiences in the Jewish 'back-to-the-land' movement. . . . an accurate historical perspective of the Jewish farm experience. . . It will be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates traditional family values." - El Paso Times

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