James Clarence Mangan, Edward Walsh and Nineteenth-Century Irish Literature in English

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This study considers a new evaluation of Mangan and Walsh, by referring to the problems of Irish literature in a more international context using the theories of Even-Zohar and Lefevere. The book highlights the fact that literary fame depends on ideological and cultural concerns and not solely on aesthetics. By appraising the achievements of Mangan and Walsh, it shows how ideology in Ireland affected their reputations, leading to their marginalization.


“This book gives us a new perspective on Irish literature and as such I would recommend it as a very valuable addition to criticism not only on Irish studies but to studies on all new literatures. The organization of the material is excellent.. . . The criteria which she claims are used in the formulation of literary judgments are of great use as well as the factors identified as affecting the establishment of new literatures. This is the first study of this kind on any literature and I am certain future scholars will employ it to their great advantage.” – Juan Casas Rigall

“This is a serious piece of critical writing which, with respect to a thorough approach to the critical approaches towards both writers poses larger questions regarding the formation of the canon and the aspects of writing which have been traditionally associated with Irish Literature, and, on a more general level, with the formation of all new literatures.” – Anton R. de Ton

Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Preface; Introduction; Edward Walsh – Irish Writer in English; Critical Reception; James Clarence Mangan – Critical Reception; Literary Identity 1, 2; Conclusion; Bibliography, Index

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