Intellectual Biography of David Atwood Wasson (1828-1887): An American Transcendentalist Thinker

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The only work on Wasson’s contribution to American thought in the context of a transcendentalist supporting a religion of humanity and a republican form of democracy.


“Creighton Peden has performed an important and welcome service in providing readers with this extensive study of the life and thought of an important if now overlooked American transcendentalist thinker of the mid-nineteenth century.” – Prof. Donald A. Crosby, Colorado State University

“Peden has done a helpful job in unearthing and analyzing the writings of Wasson. In particular he gives insight into: what happened to the 28th Congregational Church of Boston after Theodore Parker’s departure, Wasson’s ambivalent relationship to Francis Ellingwood Abbott and the Free Religious Association, and how it was possible to be religiously radical and reject radical politics.” – Prof. Jerome A. Stone, William Rainey Harper College

“With the credentials and commitment characteristic of true research historians, Creighton Peden continues to uncover little known but significant American thinkers, like David Atwood Wasson, who contributed to the “Free Religious Movement” in the last half of the nineteenth century.” – Prof. J. Edward Barrett, Muskingum College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Donald A. Crosby
1. The Early Years: 1828-1849
2. The 1850s
3. 1860-1865
4. 1866-1870
5. The Early 1870s
6. 1875-1887
7. The Final Years
8. Essays Published Posthumously
9. After Germany
Writings by David Atwood Wasson

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