Insider Stories of the Comstock Lode and Nevada's Mining Frontier, 1859-1909

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This two-volume work includes the “Bye-the-Bye” columns that were published in The Nevada Mining News in the years 1908-1909. This featured column was devoted to a series of historical memoirs primarily about the Comstock Lode of the 1860s to 1880s. The columns provide a fascinating glimpse into this era during which the first major mining enterprise in Nevada occurred and shed light on a number of the personalities of that time, including John Mackay. The editor has framed these materials through an excellent introduction, explanatory annotation, supplementary appendices, a thorough bibliography, and index.


“ … The present work makes for fascinating reading, but more than that, it holds great value for historians. This is because the ‘Bye-the-Bye’ articles, which deal with events and personalities of the nineteenth-century Comstock period and, to a lesser extent, Nevada’s early twentieth-century Tonopah-Goldfield mining boom, are edited accounts by prominent individuals who participated in the events discussed, or, at least, were present at the time and place they occurred … this accounts are entertainingly presented and often provide us with historical information not available from other sources …” – Dr. Eric N. Moody, Curator of Manuscripts, Nevada Historical Society

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