Influence of Nineteenth- Century British Writers on Emily Dickinson. A Study of Her Library and Letters

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A rare study of the letters and family books of Emily Dickinson from Amherst College and Harvard University libraries revealing Dickinson’s poetic development, through her correspondence and reference to works of British writers and their influence on her work. This work proves her place in the canon of nineteenth-century literature is well-deserved.


“This is a very attractive and scholarly work, which in many respects emphasizes the maverick nature of a distinguished literary icon. The free spirit of the then literary age is portrayed via a female figure who refuses to be bound by establishment rules and the controlling powers of the contemporary literary world. is a comprehensive work and worthy of great attention from a broad perspective of interest.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Table of Contents

I. The Wall of Sense
II. Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth
III. Emily Dickinson, Lord Byron, and John Keats
IV. Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and George Eliot
V. Emily Dickinson, Lord Alfred Tennyson, and Robert Browning
VI. The Vital Kinsmanship
Appendix: The 19th Century British Literature Mentioned in Dickinson’s Letters
Works Consulted

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