Index to the Three Works by Ioannes Lydus (De Mensibus, De Ostentis, De Magistratibus)

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This edition is textual and translational in nature. Since the works of Lydus are replete with Latin
vocabulary, this book serves to bring it into English. The translation is faithful to the original and accurate so as to express Lydus’ intended thoughts. His repetitious use of certain
linguistic expressions, although sometimes awkward to render to English, have been retained in order to capture his peculiar linguistic style.


“The translation presented here is faithful and accurate so as to express Lydus’ intended thought. A loose or free translation frequently can be faulty and deceptive, not representing the thought of the author but merely that of the translator. Lydus’ often long and protracted sentences reflect that found in the works of many Greek historians. I have tried to solve satisfactorily all passages difficult to comprehend”
– Prof. Anastasius C. Bandy,
Villanova University

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