Independent Success in Mayoral Elections in England: A Study of the Factors Contributing to the Candidates Success

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Politics in England both local and national have been dominated by the Conservative and Labour Parties. Yet, in recent years, specifically in mayoral elections, there has been an insurgence of independent candidates that have made it through the process. Albeit, the process in England is so strenuous that it is almost impossible for outsiders to get into office, yet the local elections provide independents with a much stronger chance of winning. This is the first study to examine voters tendencies, and political actors at the local mayoral level, and lays out profound distinctions between Parliamentary and local council elections in England.


“With the election of a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government in 2010 the idea of directly-elected city mayors has been further developed and in 2012 local referendums were held to determine whether they should be introduced into eleven English cities. Voters are not convinced of the practicality of directly-elected city mayors. Nevertheless, it is essential that we examine this important institutional innovation to the system of government in England and Kazuaki Nagatomi provides a significant contribution to our understanding of this particular reform.”
Prof. Patrick Seyd,
University of Sheffield

“British electoral behavior at the local level is an area of research that is rather understudied, despite its importance to the daily life of millions of people. Nagatomi manages to isolate an aspect of electoral behavior at this level that is unusual, extremely interesting, and fits a reasonable theoretical explanation into this phenomenal book.”
Prof. Sean Carey,
University of Mannheim

“This book contains rich information and arguments on the new and innovative aspects of the British government and politics which are decisively useful and suggestive for foreign researchers and students.”
Prof. Takashi Yoshino,
Waseda University

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