Implications of Foreign Financial Institutions on Poland’s Emerging Entrepreneurial Economy

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An extraordinary study revealing the relationship between foreign financial institutions and the entrepreneurial sector of a transition economy. Developmental and institutional economists, economic historians, and scholars of finance and entrepreneurship will find this extremely valuable. The book exposes the relationship between legal reforms and economic development. It presents a basic primer on Poland's economic development from 1989 through 1994. It provides the most complete history of the entry of foreign financial institutions yet published, and reveals very different marketing strategies used by foreign financial firms to enter the Polish financial services sector. The book describes the realities of the financial services sector at the beginning of the transition period, the policies pursued to promote transition toward a free market economy , and the environment that foreign financial institutions discovered during that period.


"An impressive contribution. . . probably the first-ever look at the relationship between two sectors of an economy: the formal financial services sector and the entrepreneurial sector. . . sound research methodology, clear writing, and excellent organization of findings." Dr. Andrzej Sopocko, former President of the National Bank Association of Poland, former member Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and former Minister – Chief of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. Currently, Professor, Warsaw University, Adviser to president Powszechy Bank Kredytowy.

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