Impact of Person-Organization Fit on Employee Attitudes and Outcomes

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“. . . I was impressed by the depth of analysis used to probe the interactions and relationships between employees and the culture of their respective organizations. The author was clearly focused on this salient and timely phenomenon. The person-organization fit model which was developed, describing the different forms of employee-organization fit (values, personality, work environment), provides a structured and logical method of understanding a previously murky, abstract, and disjointed field of study. . . a well-developed and thought-provoking book that will appeal to both academics and practitioners in the management field.” – Christopher J. Robertson

“An intriguing analysis of the interplay between employees and their organizations. Takes an academic approach to examining how organizational culture and employees interact in determining various outcomes. An important book, providing a foundation for considering the effects of technology and organizational change on the traditional approach to employee selection and job analysis. . . . a valuable and insightful analysis of an important issue for organizations today.” – George Tanner

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