Impact of Democratization on the Utilization of Clientelistic Styles of Ruling Parties in East Asia

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“After a systematic, empirical analysis of the relationship between partisanship and public sector resource allocation, Stockton argues that one of the main causes for the delay in the institutionalization of democracy in South Korea and Taiwan is the heavy reliance on patron-clientele style exchanges between elites and masses….There are three primary contribution this book makes to the political science and area studies literatures. First, this book takes on the considerable task of assessing, combining, and synthesizing literatures in three fields: clientelism, pork-barrel politics, and democratization…this book marks a significant attempt to link these fields. Secondly, Stockton in this book identifies the clientele groups and the evolution of their behavior during the democratic transition and early consolidation process…Stockton’s third contribution is his political prescription for democratic consolidation in South Korea and Taiwan, which has important policy implications….This book is fit for reading by cross-national as well as country specialists and offers fruitful theory and method for study outside of the two East Asian cases examined.” – Dr. Uk Heo, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“The essential normative question Stockton proves in this study is whether clientelism is compatible with democratic notions of fair play and open competition….For scholars of democratization in Asia, Stockton’s findings have serious implications for the prospects of democratic consolidation.…For scholars of comparative politics generally, the findings of Stockton’s study of Taiwan and South Korea have relevance beyond post-transition countries in Asia. They raise vital questions regarding the difference between substantive and procedural democracy that are generalizable to most post-transition polities.” – Dr. Christopher Diaz, Morehead State University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Bridging Literatures of Clientelism and Pork Barrel Politics
2. Democratization and Mass Clientelism
3. Methodology
4. Mass Clientelism and Democratization in Taiwan
5. Mass Clientelism and Democratization in South Korea
6. Comparing Experiences in Taiwan and South Korea
7. Conclusion
Bibliography; Indices

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