Il tractatus Expendens Propositiones Damnatas Ab Alexandro VII di Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz: Studio Introduttivo Ed Edizione Critica

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The work brings into print for the first time the Tractatus expendens propositiones damnatas ab Alexandro VII written between 1670 and 1675 by the famous Spanish polymath Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz (1606-1682), one of the most eminent probabilist theologians of that time. After a brief summary of the main principles and methods of the probabilistic doctrine, this work illustrates Caramuel’s moral-theological output, highlights the structure and the most important arguments of the Tractatus, and finally focuses on the condemned propositions attributed to Caramuel himself.


“Sabaino provides two introductory chapters, one philological and the other theological, to orient the reader to the manuscript and to the context of Caramuel’s argument. The notes include an excellent bibliography in Caramuel studies, particularly helpful in supplementing some of the older standard works. Both Caramuel scholars and theologians or historians with a general interest in seventeenth century moral theology will find Sabaino’s volume accessible, useful, and illuminating. . . . give[s] us a critical new resource for understanding the laxist controversy of 1665-66. – Prof Julia Fleming, Creighton University

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