Identity and Narrative Metamorphoses in Twentieth Century British Literature

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This study critically explores both modernist and postmodernist narratives tracing themes of metamorphosis. Through an emphasis on transformation, literal metamorphoses reveal much about modern literary criticism and culture. Using specific examples from literature, it shows how these substitutions impact and generate complex meaning when married to identity.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. “Throbbing Between Two Lives”: Identity and Narrative Metamorphoses
2. Uncoiling the Double Helix – Gregor’s Battle of Identity in The Metamorphosis
3. East Meets West: The Palimpsest of Identity in Virginia’ Woolf’s Orlando
4. Through the Looking Glass: Reflection and Refraction in The Passion of New Eve
5. “Tell Her a Ghost Story in Bed to Make Her Sleep”: Mnemonics in Joyce’s Circe
6. The Revolution of Singularity and Plurality in The Satanic Verses
“In Conclusion”
Bibliography; Index

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