How to Teach Children to Read: Motivational Skills and Guidelines for Primary School Reading

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Dr. Youmans' work will offer new perspectives and techniques for teaching primary age children how to read. It focuses on the attitudes and approaches to reading and how they affect young pupils. The goal is to help instructors create a comprehensive guide with the most effective techniques in the field to create a better literacy curriculum.


"In Dr. Youmans' book, she demonstrates how teachers' attitudes affect reading for students in primary schools. Teachers who have a love for reading are able to demonstrate the value of reading as a source of information, enjoyment, and recreation. ... this book by her is packed with a wealth of knowledge and expert information that will assist educators in their research and instructional journey by demonstrating the significance of all teachers having positive attitudes when teaching reading."
Dr. Patty Ball Thomas,
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Table of Contents




Chapter One: Positivity Mixed with Motivation Equals Greatness in Reading

Chapter Two: Reading is an Essential Skill for Success

Chapter Three: Reading at an Early Age Plays a Pivotal Role in Teaching Reading

Chapter Four: Every Teacher Plays a Pivotal Role in Teaching Reading

Chapter Five: Theoretical Perspectives the the Role Teachers' Attitudes and Expectations Play in Content Choice, Process, and Comprehension Levels

Chapter Six: Role of Language Arts/English Teacher in Teaching Reading Skills

Chapter Seven: Primary Instructors' Utilization of Positive Attitudes

Chapter Eight: Effective Teacher Techniques for Reading Instructors

Chapter Nine: Challenges inside the Classroom and Outside the Classroom (Including Low Parental Involvement) Teachers Face

Chapter Ten: Conclusion



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