How Money Acts Like an Evolving Organism: Exploring Implications of the Biological Analogy of Money as Species

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This study adds to the sociology of money through a constructivist model that
directly applies the conjugate species concept in computer simulation. The concept
of conjugate species is introduced to address the species problem through adaptation of the ecological species concept to social reality and agency of artifacts.


“. . . an admirable case for money as species, revealing intriguing insights of its behavior and impact on our lives.”
– Theodore Modis, Founder, Growth-Dynamics

From the Foreword:
“In [this work the author] asks what if we are subservient to the evolutionary aspirations of money? . . .Fenton boils the many competing definitions of species down to their essence—species is simply a social construction of institutional facts. We then need to understand money, from economic, psychological and sociological perspectives.”
– Prof. John Spraggon, University of Massachusetts Amherst

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